Right-click automation bug?

EDIT: nevermind, i’m dumb. found the setting.

I’m really not sure whether or not this is a bug, or if i just changed a setting somewhere but all of a sudden, after working perfectly for 10+ years, when i right click for example the panning slider, the pan value no longer shows up in the pattern side bar.

doesn’t matter which slider it is, it just doesn’t work anymore. the effect DOES work, it still pans to where i right clicked on the slider, but the value doesn’t show up in the pattern.

i know there are other ways of automating, but this is how i do certain things quickly.

any ideas? i opened up a previous version of renoise and tried it and it works as it should, which makes me think maybe there’s a setting somewhere that i disabled or something.

Glad you managed to sort it out. Just in case anyone else finds this topic, there’s an option to toggle between recording to Pattern Editor/Graphical Automation under the Pattern Editor.

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