Right Click On Slider To Write Automation Codes Would Be Better Lmb+rm

sometime i right click on sliders by accident and cause lots of unwanted automation code written to tracks, its a small irritation because sometimes i do it without noticing, and have to keep deleting all automation in track to remove it

is there anyway of dectivating this feature or changing the method to write automation, for instance LMB + RMB together ?

It sounds logic this function should only work when edit mode is turned on…(while it doesn’t) so i don’t know whether to file this as a bug report or a suggestion.
But that it is not working consequent with other tools to edit and modify is no doubt something that has to change somehow.

I do find it strange that you have a habit to occasionally rightclick and then continue making that mistake where doing a left click is the most natural thing to expect most people to do…

While we’re in the topic of right click writes to automation/patterns…is there a button we can add to hold it in place so that it doesn’t move? with some effects, the tiniest of movements can mean the world (especially if you’re doing things like trying to pitch a chorus to match a specific note, etc) so when the slider moves that tiny bit when you right click it is just a ‘oh damn it!’ moment! :)

my proposal:

shift right click slider control = do not move AND write to current line of automation or pattern.

This could also tie in with OP. Hold shift + right click to even write at all.

yes i do right click by accident, but to write ‘destructive’ pattern codes while edit mode is OFF surely its too easy to modify your song without realizing ?

my suggestion of using LMB+RMB would feel natural cos you are moving slider with LMB when you are happy you can hold RMB also to write the changes.

I would also be happy with holding (a key) + RMB , the goal is to make it easy to perform and hard to do by accident.

Also the above post sounds logical, sometimes i want to write a code where the slider EXACTLY is, right clicking to write the code sometimes moves the slider left or right a bit.

imo holding 2 buttons to automate sux, just be more cautious of what mouse-button you press.

If you want smaller increments when automating, you can already hold ctrl for finer adjustments.

Taktik already adjusted the click area to the square fader knob area and around it so that the slider does not move on a right-click.
If you either click in the square or to the utmost right, the mouse-pointer will automatically be centered to the square-center and the value will be send to the fx column.
I agree it still ain’t perfect, but it is better than what it was (fader always moved on rightclick regardless of mouseposition)