Ripping Samples From Other Songs

Hi, I wrote a song a while back that contained loads of crazy vocal samples that took me ages to gather from mad 50’s documentaries.
I havent saved the samples anywhere other than inside the .xrns file. How can I ‘rip’ those samples so I can use them in a new song?

XRNS is a zip file. You can just open it with any compression program like 7zip or WinRAR and do it that way. Or open the project in Renoise and save the samples from there.

Saving from Renoise may be preferable as IIRC they are 32bit FLAC within the XRNS.

When you’re in the disk browser, you’ll notice that every .XRNS song has a [+] icon to the left of its filename. Clicking on it will reveal a list of samples used in that song, and it’s possible to load those samples into your current session as if they were normal files.

Whether you save it from Renoise or extract it from XRNS yourself, the sample format will be the same either way.

No they wont. You extract using a compression tool and you will get a flac, you save within Renoise and you can choose wav, which is what it does as standard on my Windows machine anyway.

If he wants to use it within another Renoise project the subject is moot anyway, as you also said you just need to click the little + button.

This does of course depend on your personal preferences in Renoise, but yes you’re quite right, the default option is the .flac filetype.

Anyway, it was just a simple misunderstanding on my part. There was some confusion from users in the past, due to Renoise converting all loaded samples into 32-bit regardless of their original format. When you specifically mentioned 32-bit, I immediately thought of differences in the sample’s audio format, rather than the actual file type.

Just one of those odd things I guess.