Rise of the Robots


Made in renoise and edited in Cubaase SX3

Cool, please continue ;)

cheers man

Cool. Has a sort of doctor who vibe to it. Sounds a bit squashed though. I’d turn down the inputs of some compressors/limiters :yeah:

robot approved!

Cheers for the feedback and robot approval. It`s currently a full track, so will be tweaked and kicked around some more.
Big ups

Really enjoyed this … it reminded me of some Rob Hubbard tunes on the C64 (showing my age a bit there).
But yeah, I loved that about it!

Briliant song, otherwise let the bass vibrate in the ears a little bit more. Cool idea, anyway. Keep it up!

Powerful beat packed with detail. Now you just need to make it longer! Look forward to the finished robots…