RM-V VST Doesn't Work

Hi, I just bought Renoise 2.0, and I’m having trouble with Linplug’s RM-V drum machine. Incidentally, the problem happens in earlier versions of renoise as well. When I load RM-V, and hit ext-editor, after minimizing it I get

"Ouch: The VST Plugin Linplug RMV (from linplug) caused a fatal error or crash: VST event/function: ‘Process’. Thread ‘Audio Slave’

Please save the current document etc etc."

If I try and load the ext editor after that the whole program hangs. I haven’t tried RM-V with other sequencers so I’m not sure how that would work out.

What OS and what RM V version are you using?

I’ve tried the demo. (what a huge file! :wacko: )
I’m using Vista and RM V 5.0.3, it seems to work fine except it needs 1 or 2 minutes for loading and the error message appears like this;

An error occured while trying to save a cache file:
C:\Users(myname)\AppData\Roaming\RM V Drum
Addiction\RM V Pads\Cashe.r5cf
Check file/directory permissions for that file.

(Maybe this is because I’m using the demo version??)

After the error message, it works correctly, doesn’t hang nor crash here.

Also attaching the log file here may help to find the cause.
You can find the log at;
Menu >> Help >> “Show the Log File…”

Somnum: Please try to reinstall RMV then. Probably the installation got somehow broken. That message mens the plugin itself crashed, not Renoise.

I have the same Problem with RMV and Renoise 2.0. It seems that RMV’s GUI is a bit slow and buggy, too.
Can’t imagine that Renoise is the Problem, since I have no probs with everything else.

To be honest: I a bit disappointed about RMV. After using it a while, the GUI turns out not to be
very user friendly, and the sounds could be better.