Rme Ff400 Win7 64 Soundinterface


I use a RME Fireface 400 soundinterface. Newest Firmware, newest ASIO Drivers for Win7 64

Under Windows 7 64 Bit the ASIO control panel mostly doesn’t open. Sometimes I had even nasty Renoise crashes and a BSOD.
This worked always without Problems in Other Hosts like Reaper. So I guess it’s no driver issue.

Now I’ve downgraded to Win 7 32 Bit.
Everything works there like a charm. No probs with Renoise.

Reaper is 32bit, Renoise 64bit. I guess thats the reason why the control panel did not opened.

This is nothing we can fix, but only RME. Please report this to them…

Didn’t you mean Reaper is 64 bit, Renoise is 32 bit ?

It worked under Windows 7 64 Bit with Reaper 64 bit AND Reaper 32 bit Version. I tried both !
I’m not sure if we can blame RME on this, but I’ll check the RME Forum.