Rmx001: Braintwister - Identity Matrix

We are proud to announce the first release under Remixta netlabel. Braintwister – Identity Matrix, a four track album filled with Minimal Drum’n’Bass from Germany. All created during year 2010 and all created with Renoise.

You can download the music on Bandcamp: http://remixta.bandcamp.com

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released 10 October 2010
All music composed by Braintwister.
Mastering by Glen Pilvre @ mastering.ee
Cover art by Cly/Suva, Immortal Midge.
Music released by Remixta Netlabel.

PS: Remixta Episode #10 will air today @ 15:00 UTC! Check Remixta homepage for your local time: http://remixta.net

first! haha, i like the linear algebra influenced tune titles! (((=


:drummer: :walkman: :drummer: :walkman: :drummer:


Like the tracks … great stuff ! Reminds me a bit of Phace and Misanthrop.
How did you produce the talking growl snarl voice/synth in “identity matrix” ?

cool. congrats with the release!

You have to wait until Kasmo (Braintwister) returns from vacation and tells you himself.

But having seen one of his XRNS files, it’s all about (automated) filters and layering. BTW, the xrns I saw has greatly influenced my own music aswell… :)

That reminds me that I STILL owe Kasmo one or two beers :) Kasmo, beertime. You’re officially invited, pal. :)

I jammed to this at work today. Great stuff!

Identity Matrix FLACs > Cowon J3 > Headphonia Headstage Arrow amp > Phonak PFE in-ear monitors = :walkman: :yeah: :drummer: :D

Top notch quality stuff! Congrats on a brilliant first release on Remixta, congrats to Thomas for his amazing work! I love this guy’s sounddesign and the way he applies it! Big up!

Hi :)

first of all, thanks to suva for this release and the work he put into this. glad that it´s done now ;)

thanks, some parts of the midrange sounds are done out of real spoken voices with distortion + filter and all that stuff. i realy cant explain exactly how it was done as there is a lot of layering/resampling involved. one thing that helps alot geting such sounds is to automate the drive parameter from the distortion device in combination with filter ect. but thats just one trick.
another way is, build up a complete bassline with effects, then render the whole track and play it one octave lower or higher, play it backwards on some points, apply new effects, render again ect ect and alway cut out the parts you like most and build a complete new bassline with these sounds.
i still do alot of experiments with this technic. this also needs a lot of practice before you get good results.

cool, we should do that soon :)

thanks jordy ;) btw i completely forgot something… PM coming soon!

what BotB said.

YEah to play echo what had been said already this sounds really good! :D

really that style rocks, and no technical flaw or anything i can find(not that i look for it but still…), must have taken alot of time too…

Great work.

This is very interesting. I knew about some of this techniques, already, but nonetheless there a new aspects I could learn from (e.g. the distortion automation).
I experimented with vocoder and a filtered + distorted modulation signal. This gave very cool effects.

Your style is really one of my musical favorites. I love the dark and futuristic sound stage.
Good to see there are other Renoisers which share the same taste.

Did you resample using just Renoise or an external Tool like Kontakt/Halion ?

yes, renoise only. don´t know why i should use kontakt or halion for that :)

thanks for your comment, i´m glad that some people like this style!


Big up! Great tunes :)

excellent work! thanks for sharing.

guess it’s a matter of taste,
kontakt has a really nice pitch shifting algo and envelope support + multisamples possibility.
On the other hand it has also drawbacks to use it

Good to hear you achieved this results with Renoise.