Rni To Wav?

is there a way to convert my rni files to wav without to save each file separately?


RNI is the name of a “sample collector” with automatic sample-to-key assign.
What is it that you want to “convert” exactly? If you need one single sound you can save the sample that better fits your needs…
You can also write down the note you need, highlight some portion of track and select “Render to WAV”… and then you can save back on disk the new sample…
Or am I totally missing the point here? :huh:

I just want to convert all my rni files (which contains only one sample) to wav in a QUICK way.

as at the moment there is no other software but ReNoise which reads the RNI file format, there is no quick way such as a command line converter to do this: you have to save the samples as WAVs from ReNoise or, if you want to retain the envelope effects, you have to render to WAV a pattern which uses that RNI.

In future RNI format will be much more readable, and hopefully a converter will be written.

thanks It-alien. Maybe some day a program like Awave will have rni implemented ;)

i sure hope so, theres been too many a time i wanted to get to a sample that i only have in a template file i sometimes use.