Rns Fixed

ok i’ve fixed one of my .rns files myself.


the other rns file is still corrupt. it just stops loading
just because a parameter list of a vst2 effect has wrong
data …

like COME ON, can’t you program renoise so that it ignores it?

One of the options in Renoise is to automatically create backups of your songs each interval that you decide Renoise to make it.
In the next edition you can even tell Renoise where to put all these specifically.

We can only suggest you to make use of this, since if you would have had a few backup copies on your harddisk, there could have been a larger chance one of the files would still have remained intact.

You know the golden rule about making backups of your important data to different media, frequently which nowadays counts as much as people should know that staying healthy requires healthy nutricion and movement excercises.

If one still decide that living your lifetime on hamburgers and remain sitting on his/her fat ass all day thinking he/she would reach his/her 80th anniversary anyway takes this risk completely on his / her own responsibility.

Come on. We really do everything to make this software a tank. Backups are no solution, yes, but they help to be on the safe side.

Also we need you all to find the problems. Report the problems and we do all we can to fix them. If the problem is an error in the VST, we will contact the developers of the VST to get it fixed.

But back to the topic:
Teis: What exactly was/is the problem? I can not remember that you have reported this before. If you dont ask us for help, how could we help you then? I’m sorry if your report got somehow lost in our mail chaos.

Well, if i inspect the following post:

I read this:

It seems to indicate dataloss and “recovering of most files” are related to a harddrive crash.
Making Renoise more robust, would not prevent a harddrive crash from keeping files intact.
Making backups to CD or DVD on regular basis can secure this a lot better.
My answer was based upon that perception.

ahh here he is, tactic <3 :P

i’ve had a post a week earlier about this and well, a backup wouldn’t have saved my life as i have a backup of it already. but not with the dsp chain wich was in the final version. ya dig it ?

i’ve repartitioned a partition, it stopped accidently while moving data
around, wich means the partition (mbr) was f****ed.

i’ve then used a recovery tool and got allmost all files back, maybe 3-10 files wich i haven’t. but still, as the data was moving, the newest files (at that day) got mostly overwritten with data from the older stuff.

this results in having the renoise file, but with other stuff, nothing original, in the file itself. i was able to fix the header (like how many partitions, etc),
but it refuses to load the parameter settings of Neodynium VST2 Plugin,
as this data in the .rns file got overwritten with like 50kb of different data.

now when i load the song, renoise is telling me that the vst have wrong
or corrupted paramenter settings carrying in the file and stops just right there instead of just ignoring it and go on loading the rest of the song,
like the rest of the dsp chains, the track envelopes and finally the sample data. :(

and thanks, spiel0r. i’ve tried your hint. i’ve removed the .dll from the vst folder. and guess what, the only thing renoise does is telling me “Unexpected End of File” … :yeah:

i dont understand how is renoise responsible that you fukked up your hard drive parition? :blink:

nobody said that it’s renoise’s fault :D

i just said that it pissed me off that renoise ain’t continuing to load a song file just like ft2, protracker did … they just ignored fecked data and kept on loading :)