RNS T-Shirt

ReNoise music composition software - 45€

Fritz 8 chess playing software - 50€

Receiving your special ReNoise.com t- shirt for free with “local chief” written on the packet address - priceless

Thank you ReNoise guys


still no shirt :confused:

:o :huh:
What’s this T-shirt thing?
I definitely would love that t-shirt :wub: … but I didn’t understood much what’s that all about…

the same here…

Yeah I want a shirt too! :P :lol: :P

Have a look at the news section, there is a picture! Some of us should receive a t-shirt because they won an “award” in 2002 from Renoise Team.

Dammit, I want one too :D I’d probably buy a couple actually. Can’t wait 'till they’re available to the wider public ;)

Why renoise.com?? :huh:

I think it would be better without the .com part…

after reading this thread i looked at the front page and saw how plain the shirts were so i made a new graphic free of charge to renoise community.

the bg graphic is kinda pixelated because i couldn’t find a big version of the icon. i personally think it adds to the old skewl effect :)

yeah, i agree here. not too much of a problem, but i’d like it the other way more.

well, it promotes us as well :)

finally, i got my one :D

thanks dudes!

p.s. the paper bag was crumpled as hell (thx to russian post-“service” for that i guess), but the t-shirt was ok (thanks god)…