I notice that the extension on a renoise file is .rns , which is logical.

However, this is also the extension used for songs made with Reason (which logically should be .rsn not .rns), which is kind of annoying for file association purposes.

Was this intentional? Can anything be done?


The “Re” at the start of the name is a bit of a headscratcher too. The “noise” is fair enough, because of the Noisetracker heritage, mind.

Recycle, Reason, Rebirth, Renoise…sounds like a Propellerheads product. :huh:

i don’t normally open renoise .rns files from the explorer… i use the diskop menu, since it opens to my folder by default. no problems there for me.

maybe you’d want to ask this in a Reason forum instead… since as you said, it should’ve been .rsn instead :D

Drag n drop of rns-files would be nice and kind of solve this problem for those who run in windowed mode…

Hmm… better clarify what I meant: Drag rns-files from explorer and drop them on the Renoise window.

drag & drop of modules? wait for 1.5

Sweeeet :lol: