robo voice program?

i need a good voice generator.
i had a program on my atari years ago that generated the “das boot” sound.

does anyone know where to find a similar program with a similar voice to pc?

There’s a speech synth in the FL Studio demo which can generate an interesting voice. I guess you can simulate the voices from ‘Das Boot’ if you apply a few fx to it.

this one is amazing
you also hav an 8-bit version here that isn’t restricted to a few speech per day…demos/tts.shtml

maybe a bit too good for the das boot thing, but can be usefull for other things :D

Here’s one that is even better -

I used the voice in a song recently. Click on my web page to see the little flash intro which says “Thank you for choosing Trepain”.

Everyone has been asking me who “she” is! Very realistic. You can even specify different languages.

Anyone remember Sam Reciter on the Commodore 64?

ever tried Loquendo?

the online demo now adds a jingle in the background, but they were smart enough to add it at the end of the file too, so anyone could analyze its frequencies and remove it with a noise reductor :P

thanx for the links

i found a pretty cool robo voice generator here…audio/sayit.htm

ever tried mbrola ?

IMHO the best human sounding synth free available. its a bit hard to setup and to generate so-called-pho-files, but once you have understood this, it might be quite useful, altough its intended to sound natural, and not like the good old c64 sam.

speaking of sam… you might want to get a decent c64 emu and load sam itself. ie. “das boot” used this speech synth. pretty oldschool, but still kicking some a**.

MBrola : (read carefully)
some decent c64 emulators and other resources :

thanx pulsar.
i try the emulator

i finaly got SAM to work.
OMG it´s a cool voice.

you might also want to checkout winuae and try the speech synth packaged with amiga workbench 1.3-2.0 (afair they threw the good old say-tool in 3.0 out)

the default voice sucks, but there are plenty of fine-tuning settings.

Actually they made the narrator.device a lot more advanced in v3.0 than in the old v1.3. I think you should find a few say tools on aminet including all these settings. :)

I might not be following the flow of replies to this thread, but AFAIK, the voices in “das boot” was made with a vocoder, and not a voice-generator…