Robot Push Key - 110209

So I’ve been doing mostly improvised stuff using hardware during a few years. Thought I’d go back to composing more. I have tried Ableton and Reaper, but they didn’t suit my work flow. So I went back to Renoise. This setup was rewired to Reaper to solve some midi stuff, but now that I have bought a license again I think I can make things work with Renoise standalone.

I’m using MFB-503 and Yamaha RX21 drum machines, Oberheim Matrix R6, C64 with MSSIAH, mTonic VSTi… and some effects… Boss Metal Zone MT-2 most notably.

I like this track, industrial sounds, nice wobble. Nice to listen.

Thanks! It was my first wobble :)

Great song, very nice gear you are using. I was just fiddling with some MFB samples, it’s a cool little unit.

Thanks! Yes, that little box is great value for the money.