Robot Push Key - 20120111

Last song before moving out of the apartment, and the first one using my new laptop. Soo nice to be rid of the timing problems I had a while before the old one crashed. I did the mastering quickly just now, so I haven’t been able to listen to it in different systems and at different levels yet. Might want to redo it later.

MicroTonic VSTi, MFB-503, DSI Tetra + distortion, delay and reverb.

Let me know how the mix/mastering sounds to you.

Excellent! Really enjoyed this. :)

I really enjoyed this too, i can learn something from the approach of this track how you tasteful introduce new parts and take your time. Sounds VERY big and satifying through my headphones and speakers. Kind of reminds of something i’d hear from trent reznor and atticus ross. gonna have to follow you on soundcloud

Yep, enjoyed it too. Very smooth introduction of all the elements. Mix is fine, I could hear everything cleanly and volume was ok!

Thanks guys!

I was heavily influenced by NIN back in the days when I used Fast Tracker 2. I don’t keep up these days, saw them live a few years ago and was disappointed. Sounded more like your average rock band than the NIN I listened to.