Roland integra 7

Anyone has one and care to share it’s experiences ?

I can get one for 1000 euro , seems like a mighty box full of bread and butter, acoutic sounds etc…

Also the supernatural synth engine , don’t know if the waveforms are sample based or mathematically calculated …how are the filters

Anyway , my nord modular and reaktor 6 handles that department .( analogesque stuff )

So …tell me about your integra 7

Had it for a few days ( ). My plan was to program it fully, had to give up on this. On the one hand the possibilities (or should I say the complexity) are huge. But there are things in it that are too perfornance-wise. Mainly the fact that selecting a patch means changig the FX connected to it. Probably one could go around this by good programming. That was my problem, in contrast to programming that little sound canvas SD-50, the I7 would have taken like 6 months to write a midi-tracker for it. I guess the sound is really good. There are a lot of yt videos demoing the patches.

Just received mine .

Damn fine machine .

ONly downside .is that the supernatural synth tones are sample basedare sample based , but the filters sound pretty damn nice .

And of course the good ol’ pcm engine .

It really isn’t complex at all , the pcmsynth engine is what , almost 30years old …it gives you some crossmodlation between partials and an average souding filter …but like I said .;the supernatural filters sound GOOD .

Acoustic sounds are also nice …

It’s keeper