Roll Up/down Menu For Vst's...

I have like 1 million (yea,Bantai, actually 1 million ) vst’s installed and hate to scroll ALL DAY LONG…

Could you please add a rolldown menu (like the one to the VSTi’s) to thegoddamn vst’s menu?..sometime soon.

Yea a mini-vst manager, with an arborescence like in Chainer, is the only thing I need right now.

I second that idea, the little VST ‘selection screen’ needs some work. Even the ability to create/assign categories. I would love to be able to assign my VST collection to categories. ie. Reverb, EQ, Compression.

Renaming (deleting) VST would be handy too.

I’ve been collecting a lot of little freeware VSTi to see what’s out there, and as a result my VSTi ‘dropdown list’ is rather large.

Just general VST management tools would make life a little easier.