Rorschach's Bermuda Shorts

hey guys, here’s a short album with tunes I did in Renoise, hope you all like:


edit: added some tracks and changed the tracklist somewhat to make it more coherent

I guess some feedback is in place !!

I really dig this album - solid production, varied tracks yet with this common “IDM” sound throughout.
Some of the really synth-based tracks remind me of Vector Lovers, not a bad thing IMO.

I guess you’ve basically created a pop music album - none of the tracks are a hard listen, or become boring - average track length being around 2-3 minutes.
The only thing I’m lacking is some sort of standout track, something to bind the various pieces more together. I guess I’m an album-lover :D

Nice release, but lots of tunes are really too short imho :(

thanks guys and for the quick review danoise… these tracks were collected over the past year or so. I’m definetly an album lover myself as well, but they’re coherent enough as a collection and I was happy with all those tunes. hearing you on the poppy nature of things. the reason they are short is because the idea was done, and I like short songs like that hehe

longer ones as well, just haven’t found ways to put a lot of solid time into them or keep the idea alive… I’ve been more distracted since I work lots of hours and get brainfragmentation or some shit. definitely want to get back into it though. (*defrags brain).

I have a mirror release that is even more bare then this, electro breaks or something. but it’s not made with renoise so you can ignore that ;)

This one?

I like this one more actually B)

awesome thanks yeah!!


it was made



:panic: :ph34r: :drummer:


That’s cool we can just imagine you had rewired renoise to reason ;)

nah ReWire is so too cumbersome to setup everytime for me… I once did a MIDI out from Reason to Renoise though, redid the sounds and had the same song in Renoise. Even panned the two versions left and right in REAPER and it sounded cool, just had a slightly off stereo effect.

*slight bump

great one. thanks for sharing.