Rotate Matrix Editor 90 degrees

I was wondering the other day if it would be possible to rotate the matrix editor through 90 degrees?

This would be beneficial when zooming in and out and also when looking at a song structure it would be
possible to see more blocks ahead and behind whats currently playing.

Does anyone else think having an option to flip between horizontal and vertical view would be a nice feature?


I think, “more zoom out,” makes more sense… But horizontal, does not make sense… But if you practice enough, you can hear your arrangement in your head, and visualize the result.


Good luck

There was an option where when you made the matrix blocks wider than their height, scrolling goes from right to left (right-click on the zoom buttons of the PM).
Though, only the tracks get rotated, but not the whole time-line.

I think if the scripting engine gets Canvas we’ll see more than our share of these types of visualisations of song struct. :ph34r: