Rough cut

I’m having a friend adjust the levels of the elements involved but, this is the rough cut of the piano track that I had been working on.

Bumping for Feedback

Also wondering why the soundcloud player pops up as an “oops” -forcing me to make it a hyperlink 0.o

Go to the edit page for your track. At the bottom of the page near the public/private settings, make sure that the player widget is enabled for anybody. This gives other sites permission to embed the player.

Cool track btw! Has a really nice kind of cinematic ambiance and texture to it :)

Cool stuff… Enjoyed listening…

Thank you, to both of you, for your input! Once I get things rolling a bit more and I get the master track done, I’m debating on whether to use it as a intro, intermission or outro.

I find influence in all music, given the tools at my disposal I feel more naturally drawn to electronic-industrial like FSOL, Wumpscut, Birmingham 6 etc. but, I haven’t found my niche in getting to that extra heart pumping sound, that others achieve seemingly effortlessly. I’ve always had an interest in people like Danny Elfman, Brian Eno, Graeme Revell for their works in background music and creating music scores; it’s likely that I will follow them as a main influence. Good scores are a rare find these days.

I’m kicking myself now because I had some nice, eerie beat & synth on previous tracks that I’d never posted anywhere and later, deleted out of frustration. With the keyboard, the plugins and a few VST on board, I may be able to recreate what I’ve lost. :walkman: