Route Device. For Sending To Multiple Inputs.

This device can be analog of send device, but send sound to one chosen of multiple inputs of every vst’s placed on every channel. Also will be good if this device can send sound to multiple inputs of every vsti.

Also developers can make “Receive Device”, for receive sound from multiple outputs of vst and vsti. I think it can be a good innovations. :yeah:

Already possible to route VSTs multiple outputs to different tracks in renoise 2.0:

Ashkan Asgary

I know about new route option in Renoise 2.0. But two my Devices can be used for route many audio connections in one channel. BTW today i think more about this, and think it can be one device for several connections. For example for 16 (or selected number) full adjusted connections for vst and vsti. Routing menu of this Device can looks like this:

vsti or vst / channel number (of multiple or single outputs) => vsti or vst / channel number (of multiple or single inputs).

continue 16 (or selected) times…

I think it can be best way for connect instruments with multiple outputs to vst with multiple inputs. It easy and do not need another serious changes for current Renoise audio & visual ideology. And it is full adjusted possible for any connections inside renoise audio engine. For example for reversed connections from vst to vsti and any other connections. But of course general value of this idea is a support of multiple inputs for VST & VSTi. Which don’t realised in present time.

yes, yes, yes +1 !
feature multiple inputs!