Route Renoise Through Winamp For Visuals?

I’ve been wanting to route my audio from Renoise to Winamp so that I could use the visuals. Does anybody know of a way to do this. Anybody know of a line in plug-in for Winamp?

Or any other suggestions for what I could use as a way to visualize my Renoise?

render and play in winamp? instant psychedelic freak-out, man…

VAC and the winamp line in plugin should be able to do it?

I am using projectm - simply route trough the jack.

cool. :rolleyes:

let’s find other sources (of inspiration)…
what about this one :


Very trippy combining a hardware loopback, Milkdrop 2 as desktop wallpaper, and your favourite “make window transparent” tool with Renoise output…