Routing Audio Into Vsti

Hi guys…

v1.8 looks smashing to me, and even though the new short-cuts will take a bit of time getting used to, I’m all thumbs up for the update!

I have one question though. I was told - or at least I’m pretty sure I was told - that there would be support for VSTi’s with audio-in… e.g. Albino 3 and Pentagon I have audio-in’s. And with the new routing-setup I thought this would be possible, but apparently I was wrong, or do I need to set something up somewhere?? The (new) manual doesn’t enlighten on the subject…


  • Torben.

But that only works with physical audio-in’s, right? Not routing of tracks? (e.g. routing audio from Track 01 into VSTi)

Had to look up that Senderella, and it may be what I’m looking for. Thanks!

Yes, sorry Senderella also seem to work with plugins like Albino 3.