Routing Audio To Albino 3

Hi guys.

I’ve encountered a problem here, and I’m wondering if it can be solved at all… Albino 3 (LinPlug/Rob Papen) has a new audio-in oscillator, which can process incoming audio while still retaining 3 oscillators, acting like some sort of dynamic audio-processing-synthesizer. The problem is that there is no _FX.dll with Albino, so I cant use it as an insert effect, besides, I wouldn’t be able to run midi-notes through an insert-effect anyway. So, what this plug needs is audio as input, while still being able to recieve midi… if I’m not making myself clear here, check this link:…_3_audio_in.htm

Peter over at LinPlug has provided some descriptions of how the audio-in is utilized in different hosts.

Any help on how this could be done in Renoise is very appreciated :)

as i know, you cant doing that in renoise. you’ve to use something like energy xt, chainer or phrazor inside renoise.

This is not possible, from the looks of it Albino behaves like a hybrid VST instrument and effect as well.
Renoise is not designed to send other signals to VST instruments than MIDI-data.

It depends what you like to do with the audio-data.
Just wait for the next edition, that’s the only hint i give you.

Ok, thanks for the responses. Vincent, I’ll definately look forward to the new features ;) Meanwhile I think I’ll go and check out this EnergyXT thing…