Routing Midi For Multi-Instrument Like Kontakt

So yeah I’m a total beginner with this thing, but essentially I want to be able to have the midi and the audio routed to specific tracks. I just got Kontakt, so this is me being confused both with Kontakt and Renoise.

Basically I want to be able to use the different instruments in Kontakt on separate tracks so that I can have more control. Does anyone have any experience with this in Renoise?

I am also trying to do the same thing with Battery 3 which purchased at the same time. I totally scored, I just got Battery 3 and Kontakt 2 off E Bay for $40, and got the Kontakt 4 update on the way.

this paragraph should be of help

Hey man thanks that helped a lot.

The problem though was not just with Renoise, but it was also with Kontakt. I had to re-setup kontakt. It was really weird. I ended up finding a video explaining how to reroute Kontakt with Reaper that helped me kind of understand a little more about how Kontakt outputs audio. All fixed now, can’t wait to see what happens next!

yeah, setting up Kontakt routing is a pain. could you please link to the video you have found (I remember I found one in the past but was not really well done), maybe it could be helpful to people with the same problem

Here ya’ go, I hope its helpful to others:

yeah this was also confuzing for me the first time.

  • you first need to set up the outputs within kontakt mixer.
  • after that select withing kontakt per instrument to which output the sound should be sent and which midi channel.
  • then you go to instrument settings within renoise and select which output of kontakt should go to which mixer channel in renoise
  • and last but not least make an “alias” instruments for every kontakt output in your instrument box (drag the instrument to a new slot holding down the ctrl or shift button i’m not shure :P)
  • after selecting the new alias instrument then go to the bottom instrument settings in renoise again and select the corresponding midi channel you assigned within kontakt

voila easy as cake… ahum :P

btw good deal for 40 quid!