Routing Routing Routing

for instance, the lfo should be able to output to as many parameters as you want. at the same time the modulation could be done with various forms of math (add, subtract, multiply, divide (with divide by zero protection), exponents and roots, logs, trig, etc.) and logic (and, or, nand, nor, xor, xnor, shift, flip-flop, invert count, etc., etc.). we all could use a little more math in our music, without having to go to Pure Data all the time. others talk of routing. ableton is pretty good at routing i think, they just don’t have lfo’s and math last time i checked. routing! everything should be able to be controlled by everything all at the same time. that’s the goal, right?

ps: on windows i also use Vitual Audio Cable to rout rout rout (broadcasting live on my website for instance). mac use sound flower i think.

Desirable as this might be, i highly doubt it’ll make it to 2.0 Final…
“5. Ideas & suggestions” perhaps ?

of course. topic moved.

+1 It’s logical really. :slight_smile:

yepp yepp yepp.

I-scream, you-scream, everybody screams for for rou-teeng…

I agree with this too. You should be able to link an LFO to more than one param.

I might as well throw this in as well, midi faders/knobs too!

Also, if you could have another tab in renoise that opened up something like a dashboard (for those of you using FLStudio as well, you know what I’m talking about, I hope). Build virtual knobs/faders and link multiple params to that virtual knob/fader. This is good cause when you automate, you’ll only need to do that one (whether it be through midi or internal). All the other params will follow (dur hey, stating the obvious). One thing that I used the shit out of in FL was the part that you can specify how you want the separate params to function in relation to the one knob/fader (I guess pretty much what andrespereyda said about the use of math and logic, but I don’t think FL makes use of logic though).

Yay another routing thread!!!


… perhaps we should start merging these?

You could also offer your coding skills to Takik if you desire.
Currently there are a total of 1 coder working on Renoise, one new coder is getting himself involved in the material (to get some height of how things work) before starting to do some things.
With three coders, things may go a bit faster than with one.
Why else would you think that only one new version a year was being delivered?

I’ll join the thumbs-up team. I’m also pretty good at making coffee.

If I could quit my job and still survive, I’d do it in a second to learn c++ and join the team. Does taktik live off of Renoise revenue? :P