Row Highlighting Every 16 And 4 Rows

Hi guys!

Coming from Impulse Tracker, I’m quite used to the row highlighting scheme that IT uses. With rows highlighted every 4 rows, and then also a different colour for the 16th row. That way it’s way easier to distinguish which beat are you in.

I have been looking at the song and GUI settings in Renoise and haven’t been able to find a way of selecting the “major row” highlighting option. Is this possible or should I beg for this to be in a future version of Renoise? :)


Good idea.

Highlight every [x] rows
Highlight every [x] highlights

Oh I see you’re in London too :slight_smile:

By the way, found an screenshot to show what I meant - An image is always worth 1000 words!

So I take this feature doesn’t exist yet in Renoise.

_this is what i do to keep track of row highlights
_though i do not use the highlight feature, i instead, have a separate track to keep tabs of meters & pulse types
_this track also acts as a metronome
_i hope the image translates well to your needs

From “Tempo Understand” thread

This is helpful too, in understanding how tempo and speed changes the perception of meter and row highlights

Speed 6:
1 bar = 16 lines
1/16th = 1 line
1/8th = 2 lines

Speed 3:
1 bar = 32 lines
1/16th = 2 lines
1/8th = 4 lines

Speed 1:
1 bar = 96 lines
1/16th = 6 lines
1/8th = 12 lines

Speed 2:
1 bar = 48 lines
1/16th = 3 lines
1/8th = 6 lines

Speed 12:
1 bar = 6 lines
1/16th = 1/2 line
1/8th = 1 line