Rpg Game Looking For Musician

Hi, we’re nearing the release of the tech demo of our free (and maybe opensource 3d rpg) “Ashes”, which you can see here: http://ashes.lalista.org

We’re looking for someone to work on the soundtrack of the game (a fairly wide range of fantasy/medieval looping tracks - each one not longer than a couple minutes).

Anyone willing to help? :)

sweet! We could maybe arrange a “competition” inside the Renoise community? Or maybe everyone could contribute and you could just pick the melodies you think would fit the most?

So, what is the scene? Forest? Mountains? Dark? Happy? Sad?

Well the scene would be … all of this, and more. But for the tech demo what we need is:

  • a classic “exploration” song, a very lightweight theme to be played as the party goes here and there for the world. The theme should be thought in two subtly different versions: normal and nocturnal.

  • a combat theme, to be played while the party enters in combat mode.

In general, we will also need mini “intros” and “outros” (3-5 seconds each one). Take the combat as an example: when a combat scene occurs, the brief dramatic intro is played, then the looping theme begins playing, until the scene ends for some reason - and the outro is played.

It looks like a 1996 design game.
Would probably be fun if you’re all in this retro thing so i guess the music probably has to be in that corner as well… (retro)

Exactly :) Oldschool graphic style, but rethought in 3d. Oldschool combat system too (good old turn-based) but the world is huge, seamless and in realtime. Trying to take the best of both eras… Anyway, the perfect kind of music we originally envisioned for the game, would be something like this:


reminds me of the ultima games :)

I’ll give it a go. Do you want it orchestral (like morrowind-ish) or kinda chip-y sounds? (like good old zelda on the gameboy XD).

Thank you! Well I’d say something in the middle. Listen at those midi songs I linked. I loved that “middle age” musical era when sounds were not the 8 bit nintendoish stuff (I love it but it doesn’t cope very well with an rpg I think) but not even the impressive orchestral works of today (rather excessive!)

I’m interested too, or is one person enough?

the more, the better. It would be interesting to have a game with a single coder, a single artist, and TONS of musicians :) Absolutely original.

Cool looking game, I love the old school Monty Python feel :D As long as the game is non-commercial / not-for-profit feel free to use anything useful from my collection - http://www.harmonysteel.com/music/music.shtml

There’s some tracks there from a free game called Quest I wrote some music for a while back, they might be the most useful. There’s no combat track but there is a looping dungeon track, eg - http://www.harmonysteel.com/music/(Harmony…Quest%20III.mp3

i will probably put together a track or two for this within the next few weeks. i have been wanting to have a song in a game for a while