Rpg - The Renoise Phrase Generator

Icarus, dude! this app is AWESOME! I’d throw out there that this beauty might catch up as Dblue’s Glitch did.

keep up the good work.


Glad you like it. :)

Icarus, really great job! Renoise needs more 3rd party tools. :drummer:

Here’s some feedback:

I like the detail that if you right-click on the bars, they get filled in steps of 25% (or 1/4); this level of design is really pro. Being able to save your generated phrases to disc is also quite nice.

Pressing Ctrl+Q works as intended on my computer (I’m using a Swedish keyboard layout). The data gets pasted at the current cursor location in the track. No problems whatsoever.

One suggestion here to polish it further: when the user presses Ctrl+Q, maybe RPG could automatically first call the “Home” key before pasting the data (i.e. so that Renoise places the cursor at the first row of the track before the Ctrl+V of a new 64-row phrase)? Preferably this option would be enabled/toggled in a checkbox in RPG, as some users might actually prefer to paste at the cursor position of their own choice.

RPG as a concept matches a demand that I know many Renoise composers will find useful, especially when you don’t have to leave Renoise itself in order to use it (yeah, I love that pressing Ctrl+Q and new phrases gets generated and inserted every time – it feels like it’s a new and very welcome feature of Renoise itself!).

This surely got me thinking… there’s a lot of potential here.

It would be so cool if you’d consider publishing the AutoHotKey source code under GNU or something when you think the product is finished (since you’ve now password protected it from exe2ahk decompilation). Of course I have the fullest respect if you don’t want to do this, but it would be quite inspiring to take a peak at the code – and thus learning from it (–> new scripts see the light sooner instead of later).

I have previously used AutoHotKey for creating some custom Renoise macros, but now I realize that I have never really explored the full range of what it’s capable of, just scratching the surface. (In fact, reading that RPG was coded in AutoHotKey came as a surprise to me – my reaction was something like “Ehh… What?! Is it possible to do such applications in AutoHotKey??”).

First I’ll suggest the same thing as I did to subset (Angel Draganov) when he published his Renoise Track Generator: the possibility to paste INTO RPG from Renoise instead of manually setting the notes, velocities, etc (i.e. the functions behind the “Analyze” button in his script).

Second, I’ll suggest that you consider including the Fx command (note-cut effect) as a parameter. This can really spice up a phrase.

Hey Transcender,

Good to see you are walking among us :)

Thanks for the very kind and detailed review.
I have read it carefully, and added some stuff to the todo list.

The “not pasting at home” is of course by design. This is how I can keep phrases I like, and generate new ones at the next pgdn location. But I may add it as a checkbox. The thing is, I want to keep the GUI small and simple.

The code is quite ugly, but doing the job. I may release it a little later, once I am satisfied with the result.

Not only possible, but some things are probably done much faster than if you would do it in any other language.

Yeah, I saw your suggestion there, and saw the implementation before I started coding.
The thing is, that if you know what you want (i.e. you already have a track) than you know what you want. But I added to the todo, to see if it can be implemented seamlessly and nicely. One interesting thing with this, is that I can simply add a checkbox that will analyze the clipboard whenever you generate. Since RPG copies to the clipboard, it will probably create interesting results, as it will “evolve”. Renoise is bullying the OS resources a little (i.e. exclusive clipboard control) so I hope I can do it.

I have played with Fx at the volume colume a little and FF00 at the effects column, and did not fully understand how it is working in regards to effects and in regards to VST. Sometimes it is like Off, sometimes it creates clicks and pops.
I know you have Nexus, so I suggest the following:
Choose any Nexus instrument, generate an RPG phrase, place your Fx commands manually for demonstration of what is your desired result, and post the track (XML) here with the name of the Nexus program. So that I can see how it is expected to work.

If you feel like it of course.

That’s good to know! :)

Hope to see this feature getting implemented; it’s especially good for melodies – i.e. when you have a melody and want to create variations of it (using the same notes but in a different order/arrangement). The ultimate situation would be selecting a set of notes in Renoise, then strike Ctrl+Q and RPG would first copy-paste the selection and populate the matrix accordingly (i.e. the notes and off:s), then randomize and copy-paste the result back to track.

Sure, here’s an quick example to demonstrate the difference (compare pattern 0 and 1 – the effect may be more clear if you also turn off the delay and reverb from Nexus).

Link seems incorrect, unless there is a pattern hidden somewhere in http://www.funny-games.biz/main.html (this is where your link leads me)

Strange, works here

I’ll upload it to alternative locations then:


Got it (filecrunch) thanks.

Icarus: Great stuff! And nicely integrated into Renoise.

If member #9 responded, it must be good :)
Working on an update - will be nice.

looks like it is working better now. I like the changes in gui as well, keep up the great work!

hi icarus

i just tried using this for the first time,and wow its nice,this is sure very handy when you are in a creative “black hole”.

really good for basslines,and nice leads too

very well done,im gonna use this alot :dribble:

I was hoping for a Renoise Role Playing Game…
Massive Multiplayer Online style perhaps?

Ok friends,

The last 12 hours produced results. A new version is up - 0.15.
Screenshot updated at first post, and as always, version is available for download at the usual place

Changes since 0.14:

  • Added : Skin support. Resources folder is now used internally to generate the gradient bitmaps. It can be emptied by the user at any time, since the images inside it will be generated on demand. See Skins section in this file (the readme).
  • Added : Paste On First Row checkbox
  • Added : Always On Top and Paste On First Row are now remembered on exit.
  • Changed : Now sending “Ctrl Up” before sending paste to Renoise. This was necessary in order to implement the Home key send but it also seems to improve the responsiveness of Renoise on paste. May solve some cases where it did not work smoothly before.
  • Added : Ctrl+K shortcut to cycle through skins

If some artistic soul happens to play with the skins, and perhaps make a nice skin, I would love to have a copy, to incorporate in next releases.


Transcender - good stuff.
I saw how Fx it can spice things up. So, need to think implementation.
The most obvious implementation is to add another slider, right beside the Off slider, which will be a Notecut slider. At 0, no note cuts are added. At 100% all notes will have F0 to F5 (maybe the 5 is configurable in INI)

Another option, is to add this on a per-position basis - for example, a checkbox on top of each Velocity slider, that if checked, will also randomize the addition of Fx. Problem with this is what will be the randomization formula in this case, since a checkbox is on/off only and another slider there might be overkill.

So - im gonna think about that, and if you have more creative ways for such implementation, i am all eyes.

Icarus, don’t work too hard dude! :P

More presets would be awesome too. maybe we could start posting them as soon as we (the users) start getting them done.

Im telling you, this sleeping and eating thing isnt working too well for me lately.
You guys just have great ideas.
You know - I like making scripts that are doing all sorts of things for me, like a gang of lemmings, so a script that makes music just gets me too excited.

stick around, version 0.16 is coming right up (1 hour tops) with Transcender’s idea for adding Fx at random locations.

AH! :D

Version 0.16 is up.

Added Fx Slider and two presets that are using it.

From the Readme:
The “Fx” slider controls how many notes will have a note cut command in the panning column. When at 100%, all notes will have F1 to F5 command in the panning column.