Rpg - The Renoise Phrase Generator

(Djeroek) #61

Great stuff Icarus! Easy glitching in full effect…

(Icarus) #62

7kilo - are you sure? I was unable to reproduce, and I see no reason for this to happen.
make sure that at least one position slider is raised. if all position values are at 0, there is no data to paste, and if all note values are at zero, there is nothing to paste.

(s-n-s) #63

this is by far,my favorite tool for renoise :drummer:

(Icarus) #64

Hey, thanks a lot.
I am counting on the fact that you guys will tell me if something is not working, or even if it is not convenient. Some things (like transcender’s request to go back to the old, “non-focus-stealing” behavior) are very easy to add to the config file.

I am curious s-n-s - what VSTs do you use it with mostly? I found out that Vanguard and Nexus provide nice results - they both have good velocity sensitivity implementation.

(s-n-s) #65

sofar i have used it with v-station,oatmeal,389111bytes,basstation,and some freebies

but havent tried ver 0,30 yet

but i will later today :D

(Icarus) #66

ahhh… version 0.30 is a whole new ballgame :)

(s-n-s) #67

im looking forward to trying it,i loved all the other versions so i also think i will love this one :D

(Icarus) #68

Hey everybody,

I would love your opinion on something.
If you have played with the Fx slider a bit you may feel (as I do) that the implementation in this regard is incomplete.

Specifically, I am quite annoyed when notes on the main beat get a notecut - the result is not too pleasant.

So, I was thinking about a few ways to improve this, and since I am just a newly recruited user of the Fx command, I need your take as for which do you think is the best (if any)
Instead of the above, add 4 checkboxes in the Position Probability area (one above each slider) that, if checked, will prevent the Fx command to ever appear on positions controlled by this slider. I like this one the best, since I think it is the easiest to understand, and I have a place on the GUI screaming to me “put checkboxes here”.

So, I vote #3 - if you have an opinion, this is the time.

(s-n-s) #69

number 3 sounds good,i still havent tested version 0,30 to the fullest yet

(Icarus) #70

Version 0.31 is released.

  • Fixed : (Regression) Off notes cleanup was not called.
  • Added : Window X and Y coordinates are remembered on exit.
  • Added : Transpose buttons. Will remember notes that are dropped off keyboard (up to one full keyboard to either side). When loading a new preset, or pressing the Reset button this memory is erased.
  • Added : Keyboard shortcut: F9/F10 (or Numpad / and *) to decrease/increase first octave.
  • Added : Keyboard shortcut: F11/F12 (or Shift-F3/F4) to transpose.
  • Added : Keyboard shortcut: Numpad +/- to increase/decrease instrument.
  • Added : Track Count is now also stored in Preset.
  • Added : INI configuration to lock phrase count and lock track count (if enabled, these fields will be ignored when loading a preset).
  • Added : DanceWide Phrase Handler.
  • Added : Some presets.
  • Changed : The Enter and NumPad Enter keys are now forcibly mapped to do “Generate” in order to prevent accidental Reset when pressing Enter. (happened to me a lot for some clumsy reason)

(s-n-s) #71

sweet,sweet,sweet,im speechless :yeah:

(Icarus) #72

yeah? easy enough to use?
next release coming tonight - with two panning command sliders - commands are configurable (Delay, Retrig, Notecut etc.) and range of each is configurable (1-F)

The results with some Fx notes (at a range of 3-5) and Ex comamnds (at a range of 2-3) are very much excellent.

Where is everybody anyway? :) I think I am releasing new versions too fast…

(s-n-s) #73

so far i think its easy to use,but i i think i have barely scratched the surface of this beast.

sofar i have "only"made some very nice basslines on 1 track/pattern with it.

i still have to try and paste mutiple patterns,over several tracks/patterns

(Icarus) #74

If you own Nexus, put three instances in slots 00, 01 and 02
For each, select a nice plucked/lead patch.
Then, go play with the presets that start with “m” (for multiple instruments).

Thats by itself, gives hours of fun (and a very tired morning…)

I also usually put a kick on the fourth track, to get the sense of the beat.

(s-n-s) #75

unfortunatly i dont own nexus,but i will try something like that tonight

(Icarus) #76

Version 0.32 is up

  • Fixed : Minor internal bugs.
  • Changed : Alternative keyboard shortcut for transpose (to match Renoise transpose keys - Shift+F1/F2 instead of Shift+F3/F4)
  • Changed : Small change in the Preset format - NoteFx is no longer used, instead we use the two keys PanValue1 and PanValue2.
  • Changed : Small change in the Skin format.
  • Changed : Panning commands are now configurable through the INI. You may use any of the supported commands (Fx, Ex, Dx etc.) as your panning commands. Since there are now two panning commands, that compete on the same spot (i.e. panning column) - their behavior is slightly changed - see INTERFACE - Note Probability section.
  • Changed : The default range for the Fx and Ex commands (previously 1-5). This is done to avoid F1, and F2 for example - which usually cause an unpleasant cut (unless you are a hardcore scratcher :).
  • Changed : All presets to new format + some presets now with the extra pan command Ex.
  • Added : Another slider for a secondary panning command.
  • Added : Configurable (INI) value range for the panning commands.
  • Added : Configuration (INI) to show checkboxes as buttons.
  • Added : Split Keyboard checkbox - when checked, will take all the notes on the lowest octave, one octave lower.
  • Added : Keyboard shortcut: F8 toggle keyboard split.
  • Added : Mahogany Metal skin.
  • Added : Some presets.
  • Removed : Backwards compatibility code for presets.


(pilot7) #77

/me faints

seriously… this is getting scary !! :w00t: , just don’t have the words to express myself


(s-n-s) #78

btw how do i change skin on this beast?

(Icarus) #79

:) Thanks 7kilo! Nice to hear.

you can either go to the INI file and change the “Skin=” key, or the easier way is to press Ctrl+K until you reach the skin you like (note, RPG will restart itself, so save your work before)

EDIT: And if you prefer the checkboxes rather than the buttons, go to the INI and change ButtonCheckboxes=1 to ButtonCheckboxes=0

(s-n-s) #80

thanx icarus

one thing i sometimes find alittle annoying is for instance,if i want to paste a pattern generated in RPG,on lets say pattern 3 of track 2

then it always paste it in the first pattern of the track i choose?

it would be nice if it would be pasted in the pattern where the cursor is

hope you understand what i mean?