Rpg - The Renoise Phrase Generator

(Icarus) #81

It can.
Just depress the “Paste Home” button. It will paste at the cursor instead of at “Home”

(s-n-s) #82

ahhh,thanks icarus :yeah:

(Icarus) #83

Version 0.33 is up

A sweet addition (I think) to the ability to create consistent melodies.
A “Same Positions” toggle button, that when pressed down, will make RPG use the same note positions for the first half and second half of the track (not phrase).

So, if you use the default 4-phrase generation, the last two phrases will have notes at the same positions as the first two phrases.

I have modified some of the presets to demonstrate this feature - cycle through the presets until you find one that has this button pressed down.

Also, GUI layout a little clearer now, with all the “Instrument” controls in their own group.
Also, for those who dont like Readmes, I have converted it to CHM help file.

So, as always (for consistency) - the official release notes:

  • Changed : GUI layout - now instruments have their own group.
  • Added : Same Position checkbox, for phrases. When checked, the second half of the generated track will have the same note positions as the first half.
  • Added : Some presets.
  • Added : This Help file (well, it makes more sense when you read it in the CHM… :) )
  • Changed : Some presets.


P.S. It has been awfully quiet in here lately, I hope it is because you like it, and not because it is becoming too complex or useless.

(Transcender) #84

Hey Icarus, good to see you’re pushing this concept further and further!

No, no, no. It’s certainly not too complex or useless. There must be a reason for it, probably the guys here are just out and hunting ladies or something. Personally I’m busy with a deadline for a client (think I’m going down on this one, having hell over here), but just to give you a little feedback in regard to the issues I brought up earlier: I don’t think you should care about what the users say at this point of development. Just follow your own vision and preferences and I’m sure the result will be for the best.

(Also I’m pretty sure that if you’ll push RPG over the 1.0 version milestone, you’ll have acheived the status of immortality within this community.)

Keep it going! It’s very inspiring to read this thread. :drummer:

(Icarus) #85

Hey Transcender,

You know, I usually never make it to 1.0 in my other utilities - and if I do, it is a jump I make from 0.5 or so, just to state “this is a stable release”.

The thing is this - playing with many synth vst’s in the market, I found out that I do not like ones that have too many knobs and options. I sometimes use them, but only with their presets.

I much rather use a tool that I fully understand all its elements. So for example, as you probably noticed, I just love Nexus, or Glass Viper.

And I do not like Sylenth or the likes. Even though the sound is nice, I feel I am not in control of the tool, but it controls me.

Why do I bore you with all that? I want RPG to stay manageable for the average user, thats why I am inclined to listen if somebody has difficulties or thinks things should be different.

At this point it is easy to add and change stuff.

(Icarus) #86

Ok friends,

RPG has reached another juncture and your input may influence the outcome.
As I am generating phrases to my enjoyment, I find out that output is mostly trancy, or dancy at best.

Also, I feel that it is time to unmystify some of the elements.
I feel that the Phrase Handlers need to go.

The good thing about these handlers, and this was my original thought, is that you only need to control four sliders to make a full phrase. But, the bad thing about them, is that you do not always have full control over the output. I also find that the “sample block” does not help me understand the phrase too much, so it is probably not helping anyone.

So, I am considering this:
Remove the phrase handlers, and instead of 4 sliders, use 16 (instead of the sample block). This way, you have full control over the 16 notes of the phrase. Easy and simple.

The only thing that bothers me in this regard, is that you will have to work a little harder, but I guess this can be resolved with some template presets (in the usual preset place, I will add some “TPL Dance” and “TPL Groovy” presets.

So, if anyone has anything to say in this regard, you are more than welcome to do so.
So go ahead and vote:
Remove Phrase Handlers and use 16 sliders instead.

Our goal is to reach 50 million votes.
(should I make a text-vote and a toll free line for this? :) )

(Transcender) #87

Maybe a bit too late, but alternative #3 sounds best.

I’ll vote for “Remove Phrase Handlers and use 16 sliders instead”. Now it’s just 49,999,999 more votes to go… ;)

(Icarus) #88

Excellent! :)

Our first voter gets a (virtual) tshirt:

It is not too late for your first vote - I may still implement this.
I think that the problem is now less problematic, since you can configure the range of each command - so avoiding F1 and F2 (configured like this by default) makes them listenable even when they appear on beat notes.

(Icarus) #89

Version 0.40 is up

  • Changed : To 16 velocity and position sliders (instead of 4+Phrase Handlers).
  • Changed : Instrument By Beat functionality - changed name to “Same” and changed behavior to be like the “Same Position”. If enabled, RPG will use the same instrument sequence for the first and second portion of the track.
  • Changed : Skin format.
  • Changed : Presets format.
  • Changed : Some presets.
  • Added : Some presets.
  • Added : Duplicate buttons to Position Probabilty group. This makes it easy to edit only a few sliders, and duplicate the values to the other sliders.
  • Removed : Phrase Handlers feature - not needed since we now control each slider individually.

(misk) #90

this looks amazing! im wondering, i’ve got an intel imac and i could always boot up in windows, but i do all my production in OSX. Are there any plans to port this over to OSX?

(Icarus) #91

I am afraid not. At least not at the moment / not by me :)

(s-n-s) #92

i have almost finished a couple of new tracks,using RPG,really like how it works

(Icarus) #93

Nice to hear.
Would love to have a listen when you are ready.

(pilot7) #94


i’m wondering if there is a way to make it so that when i make a 3 instrument pattern the notes get pasted inside their own track ? instead of having 3 tracks containing notes for all instruments ?

ps, the song on myspace is using your great gizmo

i DO NOT want that shirt , lolz.

(Icarus) #95

Hey 7kilo - thats an easy request.
I think this is a feature that is not frequently changed by users, so I can make it a configuration in the INI file, if thats ok with you (as opposed to a config on the GUI)
I can have it released by tomorrow with that addition.

Whats the song’s name?
I hate myspace so much - it reminds me of the early days of the www, with the messy geocities and angelfire pages with the hit counters and all… you are probably too young to know what im talking about, but Im just guessing here… :)

(pilot7) #96


hurry tho :D (haha no rush… well… )

ps, not THAT young…, my myspace is very slick… there’s only one song…

or see virb.com/7kilo for better everything.

(Icarus) #97

Total Recall is nice.
Vocals are you?

(Icarus) #98

Version 0.41 is up

  • Added : Some Template presets (TPL)
  • Added : Protection mechanism against accidental overwrite of important presets. To protect a preset, add a
  • General section to its INI, with the key Protect=1 (all TPL presets are protected). When protected, Ctrl+S will not save silently, it will pop up the Save As dialog. You may still save with the same name though.
  • Added : Configuration in INI to paste multi tracks as sub tracks and not as new tracks (thanks 7kilo).

(Transcender) #99

Hey Icarus, nice to see you’re still around this place. Love your productivity, it’s very inspiring. :)

Since you’re experienced with AutoHotKey scripting, I wonder if you can estimate this idea for a script that I figure maybe I should try to write myself?

Basically I just want to manipulate the content of the clipboard. When AHK register the pressdown of, say, Ctrl+Q, it should copy the content of the selection I just made, and then re-arrange the xml-data in accordance with whatever I program, and then copy-paste the manipulated data back into Renoise.

I’m a beginner with AHK (have basically just used the MouseClick and Send functions before). I know how to assign the :: to a key combo, but once I have copied the data I don’t have a clue how to process it. One way I thought might work well is to let AHK save the clipboard to a notepad textfile, and then have AHK call another Python-script to process the textfile and saving the new content to another file (this I actually know how to do, although I’m a beginner in Python as well), then finally opening the new textfile and ctrl+a, ctrl+c, switching window focus to Renoise and then ctrl+v.

I don’t have the time to try it right now, but you mentioned earlier that Renoise tends to act in certain ways that steals focus, etc. Do you see any potential problems with my approach in that regard? Is there perhaps an easier way to do all this directly in AHK, without the need to save files and calling in Python?

(Icarus) #100

Hi Transcender,

Of course I am still here. Is there a better place to be?
So here is the thing. First of all, the script you are describing sounds fairly easy to do. Especially if you already have the logic in mind, or coded in some other language.
Now, I would not recommend doing a combination of AHK+Python - I mean, what can Python do that AHK can’t? Lets do all in AHK. Also, you mentioned opening a file and sending ctrl+a -> ctrl+c - well, AHK can read the file directly, and put it in the clipboard directly for you in two lines.

I do not know what sort of XML manipulation you are talking about, but considering the fact that the XML in Renoise is simple, and considering the fact that AHK has support for all sorts of string manipulation and searching (regex, XPath etc.). I am sure that this can be easily done.

Generally speaking, it sounds like you are going in the following direction (when a selection is active in Renoise):

Send Ctrl+C ; Now clipboard has the XML  
Clipboard := ManipulateMyStuff( Clipboard )  
Send Ctrl+V  

And the manipulation function looks like this:

ManipulateMyStuff( xml ) {  
 ; Parse the XML  
 ; Reconstruct a new XML  
 ; Return parsed string  

I do not see need for files or python or a code longer than 30-40 lines.

If you want, gmail me with some more details and perhaps an example, and I can help you with that with pleasure.