Rpm 2012 - Write An An Album In 28 Days!

RPM 2012 - it’s not a competition as much as it is a challenge. Write an album (10 songs or 35 minutes) within the month of February.
There are no winners. Just a sense of satisfaction that you took it on and completed the challenge.

So come on! What are you waiting for?! sign up today, only 21 days, 7 hours and 46 minutes until the race begins.

If that shit was mandatory, this (like tracking in renoise) should be compulsory!

I’ve tried this the past two years, failed both times :(
I might try it again though :)

Hmm, are submissions only possible by physically mailing some CD to the USA, like I read in the FAQ? - Would love to participate, but knowing my current overall time I can spend, it would be a futile attempt, especially in February! Maybe I will put up my own challenge for myself later this year.

I tried it last year but I failed. Might try it again though.

One month to make an album? I’m still working on the album i started on a couple of years ago. :P
I think i could pull it off, but the album would probably suck donkey balls. :lol:

International participation is absolutely allowed and encouraged. The idea is to have your cd postmarked by the 1st of March. Even still last year I finished/postmarked and mailed my cd by the 28th from mountain view CA to oakland CA and it didn’t show up as received until well into March.

Yes, i understand the reason for postmark date, but alternatively: why not a digital submission? Not that it is a big problem to burn an audio cd, I just wonder what the reasoning for a physical copy is.

I think because it just feels so much more real.

That and the strung out finish line photos are just too awesome… taking a photo of yourself next to an upload status bar just isn’t the same

Mandatory link to Hunz: Thoughts That Move

Made for RPM challenge 2009. Made in Renoise. The XRNS files are floating around on the web somewhere. So is a blog about the experience.

Amazing album.

Go for it people! It’s possible.

PS: I fail every year, too.

Fail or not… I have ALOT of failures that turn into half done tracks which is future projects! I tried setting up a compo but no one entered =( We need more contests… the lack there of is disapointing… PLEASE POST UM ALL if you see um out there… Maybe someone can donate Renoise gear? Tha would be a good prize ;) Fuck prizes really though, their nice but I like the motivation of DOING something.



Sounds like the RPM challenge is right up your alley!
It would be awesome if there was just an epic number of renoise composers participating in RPM this year. There really isn’t a way to “fail” here… like ninja says, you never know what future masterpieces you might be starting even if you miss the March 1st deadline. And hey, what better opportunity and motivation to get a crash course in utilising and getting acquainted with all that’s new with renoise 2.8!

Just bumping this up as this weekend is the final stretch of preparation time before the start of all this madness! Get involved! It’s a blast and you’ll be surprised at how much you learn not only technically but about your own personal creative process… for me it’s a great exercise in just letting go.

I’m 9/10ths the way through my album.

Many late nights just coming up with something, to make sure that I have enough material. Lot’s of scrapped ideas, and some tracks made it though the filter that probably should have been scrapped, but whatever, it’s fun and silly and a good time.

It’s interesting how this year I planned for it going in and got to work on the 1st. the last two years i kinda half-ass tried to make something happen, only to fail with a few ideas that never really went anywhere. this year, i’m gonna make it, and it’s been a super rad experience.

cheers, Big congrats! the finish line is near, it’s a great feeling, eh? It’s quite an experience.

To anybody else, if you missed RPM this year you gotta at least give this a shot next time!

Any time I’ve done a song in renoise I’ve always exported wavs of every track and sweetened in cubase, or lately reaper. I’ve always for whatever reason enjoyed some sort of creative comfort in the ability to see each track as a waveform and slice dice copy paste pan, fade, effect, etc in a side scrolling layout. I don’t think I’m going to be doing that for this album though… It’s a decision i’ve been on the fence about, but I think we may just be keeping this whole thing completely in renoise till the very end.

lapubell- what’s your project name on the RPM site?

Edit: I moved some of the rpm-centric ramble I put here onto my RPM blog… damn did I ramble :)

I’m Health and Happiness. I got a friend to do some vocal work on a track, and wish I could have had more, as i’m not really much of a singer. Anyway, these were all done on Linux Renoise and album art and stuff in GiMP and Libre Office Draw.

Yeah, this experience was nuts, and super fun at the same time. Some of my ideas are super silly, and others could actually go somewhere. Have a listen and let me know what you think… Thanks!

I finished my contribution to fawm (pretty much the same thing as in this thread but its 14 songs in feb) a few days ago
My Fawm Songs

right on!

I’m listening now. i thought it would be easier to post a direct link too. My album on Soundcloud.
I’m very new to the whole 1 month to make an album idea, but it’s pretty fun.

If you do get that job you were hoping for, save up for some really nice headphones. Something that you can use to mix, and then you’ll really be able to make those drums pop. AKG K-701 or some mid range sennheiser headphones will help a ton. then you can start to EQ these things. I’m not trying to be insulting at all, as I really enjoyed some of your tracks (super fun synth on smolking) but felt they got a little muddy at times. It’s hard to mix to stereo speakers, and not everyone can afford studio monitors, but some good headphones will really help out.

i’m gonna finish listening to your album now. :)

EDIT: changed link to my soundcloud set for the album.

Ahhh… all finished :)
Here’s the link to our player, although I already had posted the demo versions on the “songs” thread:

edit: the embedded player only wants to display the first song, click the “listen on soundcloud” to select any of the 10 songs if you’d like to check it out!

Nice contest idea. This deserves a retake. :)

Just wait another 10,5 months ;)