Rss Feeds

Does anyone think an RSS feed for the forums and/or general Renoise updates would be handy? Maybe some podcasting for the tune of the week?

Just a suggestion.

RSS ++ :yeah:

I need dope! :dribble:

RSS would be useful, yes. ;)

RSS links can be read by Mozilla Thunderbird aswell.

It’s indeed very handy; I use it for example for KVR VST news

Dope? What’s about me? * :lol: *

RSS rocks!

Dope with fish flavour??? No, Thanks! :lol: :P

The RSS reader for Opera is rather groovy. It works in a real transparent and interactive way. It’s nooooice. The reader for Maxthlon is spiffy too.

I like the idea of having a “tune of the day/week” … I might look into doing it myself.

A happy Opera user here, working with RSS is as comfortable as reading my mails with Opera. B)

Having a tune of the month would be more useful, i think. I don’t believe, that enough songs are posted to do a daily or weekly competition, but i might be wrong.

[off topic] A forum Category just related to VST, and VST reviews might be interesting. What do you reckon?

I think, not really necessary, because most people use KVR for this matter. Maybe a “known not to work” VST/VSTi list would be useful.

Agree with that. KVR is there for a reason, it should be RNS-related only and non-working vst’s would be nice to list. Some buyers are quite impulsive! ;)

Tune of the week should work.

What is the status on the possible RSS feeds of the latest Renoise News / Forum Topics ???


I am all for RSS. I don’t often check the forum and when I do, there are just so many new posts I get lost clicking around. I want RSS!

Also a podcast is a good idea, tune of the week is a nice one (who is gonna make a selection every week though… someone with a lot of time at hand)

A vidcast with nice girls in tight t-shirts dancing to renoise tunes would also be awesome! It doesn’t even have to be renoise tunes, as long as they are bouncy tunes.

Another handy solution for RSS, especially if you don’t want to keep checking a feed reader, is to subscribe to the feeds by email and get them delivered straight to your inbox -

To avoid potential spam I set up a gmail account, use this as my rmail subscription address, and set all forwarding to my main account - RSS email goodness with no spam :)

Has there been any word on a Renoise / forum RSS feed yet?

Why would you spam yourself with rss mail when firefox has live-update tabs for RSS?

I wrote a multi-user bayesian RSS aggregator that generates it’s own RSS if anyone is interested.

Integrate this into the backstage with pre-selected “cool feeds” so users can read up on the latest and greatest?

Just personal preference :) , with email feeds I can take advantage of tagging and access them from any computer which I like.