Rubberduck Is Back For Free

i really loved it when it was released back in the past and using it was true fun, because it was exceptional.
i just tried the “new” version and must say, it’s really worthless nowadays.
not only because of the fact that it is a standalone software synth with no interface architecture, but also because of its aging sound quality, which is successfully rivaled by a fair amount of other (free) synths out there.
and the GUI seems to be buggy as hell. i was experiencing a lot of artifacts whilst dragging the sliders.
nevertheless, thanks for the info.

I agree. The program was one hell of a tool back in the old days. I loved the sound. But as VST is not possible, this does not make sense to me…

The best tool, D-Lusion did was X-Play

well, I didnt test the new version lately, but Im not into 4Mio GHZ Samplerate and 84 Mio Bit. I even heard a smart liveact by someone performing using nanoloop and 2 gameboys. And still the most rated electronic track have one in common at least 1 8 bit sample. Anway I`m looking forward trying this version.

I’ve visited the site and I didn’t understand a thing: is this software house still working? The site looks like a one big “look how we were ahead!”

ok, but what about the present? :huh: