Running Out Of Memory While Recording.

When you run out of memory while recording, there is no indication of that, it doesn’t abort… it keeps recording, or so it seems, and only when you press stop it says there isn’t enough memory and you lose the whole sample. It’s like a bad joke.

Yes, in practice it’s not a issue, I never ever lost anything due to it… but still. Renoise is so stable and uncrashable, that this one really sticks out.

Simply stop recording when memory gets short? (with a safety margin obviously, so you don’t run out of memory while trying to save the song or anything)

maybe an indicator that says 79% mem. left, and counting while recording?

off-topic: Maybe an sample of Ahnuld saying “You haff to stop recouurding, you haff to stop it naouuuww!”?

Well, I have read a response from Taktik to add a warning signal when memory goes underneath 100MB or somewhere in that range:

Another thing is that we need DFD streaming options, but recording to disk should in that case be one of the options as well… this will prevent memory problems as well.
But then your harddrive speed will matter a lot on the performance side.

I really do think Renoise should not just indicate short memory, but also abort recording and keep what it recorded so far, instead of “recording too much and then loosing it all”.

How about a “free memory: XXX MB” somewhere near the CPU usage indicator? That could start blinking in RED when memory goes low?

You could also just clean out your computer. ;)

Another problem that should be catched here is:if you record over 1GB, you are already putting your work-space in danger:a few simple cut actions of 500MB of sample-data may also cause low memory problems.
Ofcourse you can uncheck the “enable undo” box in the sample editor so that cutting samples won’t be undoable, but this should also be tripwired by Renoise instead.

Uhmm… how exactly do I clean out a 2 week old beast of a machine? I even have CCleaner in the Autostart, what more can I do? Uninstall Firefox? :rolleyes:

well, actually a new machine is likely to be full of autostarting useless services, which can suck your memory resources pretty much.

support for biometric scan, indexing, restore point, bluetooth, amongst the others.

Well, unless you have the cough cough edition.

And no matter what I do, I always have around 2GB free memory, and I even like to restart the machine every now and then because it’s so fast :lol:

It’s something I found out by letting Renoise record and forgetting about it (that’s why I said I never lost anything important due to it)… it’s still a bug IMHO.