Running Renoise On Freebsd. Any Experiences?

In my os-lurkin’-tour I’m gonna try FreeBSD. Did anybody try it with Renoise?

There’s no port of Renoise to FreeBSD.

I know, freebsd can run linux binaries though.

I bump this topic.

Carmazine, did you try?

Wow, thread resurrection. I would just run Wine on FreeBSD, then you have a beautiful running copy of Renoise with support for Windows vst’s. :slight_smile:

Why would you ever want to do that lol?

Also, regarding Wine: some wise words by Esem aka Stereoman (

Do not think about usingWinefor music-making at all - anything isochronous and an emulator… no.

If it works, it works. Why not use Wine?

If it works, it works. Why not use Wine?

I agree completely. All I can say is the 4 years I was on Linux, I ran both Renoise and Reaper with wine and it was a beautiful thing. I even relied on it to be the drum brain for my DIY MIDI drum kit, which I did several live performances with. No problems. 99% of Windows vsts worked great. And the audio latency was amazing with jack

I’d be really interested in this as well. I swear I remember seeing something about it when I was looking in to it a year or so ago but I can’t find anything now, maybe I imagined it.