running two instances of renoise with duplex touchosc @ linux

A little trick i found out yesterday.

So i was preparing touchosc template for liveplaying with two renoise instances, once i was finished i found out big problem. OSC is server is running on dedicated port,

Touchosc sends request to specific ip:port so only one renoise instance could recieve input at the same time, as only one cuold occupy specific port. Well - not anymore:

socat - udp4-listen:8000,fork | tee >(socat - udp-sendto: >(socat - udp-sendto:

What it does it opens udp on 8000 and than send all request to ports 8001 (1st instance of renoise) and 8002 (2nd) on the same machine.

On touchosc you put 8000 as outgoing port and both renoise instance can have the same outgoing port pointing at touchosc device.

I guess same could be possible on macosx, i dont touch windows so i cannot help wink.png.

Very cool trick -

I took the liberty of adding a few tags to the post to make it more discoverable. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: