Running two launchpads at once using duplex

I would like to have one launchpad on GridPie and another on Mlrx. However it seems that I can only run one duplex at a time. I can use two launchpads with Cie’s livedive and step sequencer so I know they are both communicating with Renoise. Thanks for any help you can provide,

Absolutely possible, the procedure is described in the Duplex manual:

Massive! I’ve not tried this approach myself, I hope they don’t get into a fight with each other… ;)

Thanks. Sorry to have asked a question that could be answered with RTFM!

I am looking forward to playing with possibilities.

I recently buy two launchpadmini, i think i have made what your trying to do, but to use them side by side with the sequencer app that i’ve change a bit.
Perhaps the controlmaps Lauchpad64inv would interest you. I have made this to turn one launchpad and put the usb cable on the top, so they fit better side by side.
(Warning made in duplex 0.98 and for renoise 2.8 by a beginner)
Edit: if you want the configurations to work you need to change StepSequencerL by StepSequencer and remove the parts of the configurations with names of buttons that aren’t in StepSequencer app. Sorry