Unfortunately these are the last one of the stickers i had, the guy who organized it for me got fired from the photocopier conglomerate, so i can’t promise i would come up more.

oh, and for megalomaniacs, a poster-size print of the same image.
you can see the case of my digicam there for size comparison.

UPDATE: now that i mentioned it, the poster is a screenshot of one of my songs, the stickers were made of a screenshot found on google (the stickers were made in a hurry and my pal lost the original screenshot of my song). btw i mistyped the thread name, it’s proof OF their existence… how can i edit it back?.. whatever :)

hm… i thought people would like these… or am i not the first one to present rns stickers?

i love em. i get a good old ‘underground’ vibe from these B)
every renoiser should have a bunch of these, sticking them up in obscure public toilets around the globe, hehe

I think a more minimal aproach would be good… Like making small snaps of renoise into stickers rather than large ones… Like this http://www.renoise.com/uploads/images/AllInAll2.gif or something to that tune. :P

i had some stabbed on surfaces of buses, trams and the walls of a few clubs :)