Saddam Was Caught!

So, finally, Saddam Hussein has been caught, hiding under the ground near his hometown Tikrit!

After having shaved off his beard, he looked suspiciously alot like Mario in the well-known Super Mario Brothers video games.


Anyway, as the hunt for one of the worlds cruelest dictators is finally over, the hunt continues for Luigi bin laden.

May he be found shortly.

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saddam is just an oldman. and iraq isn’t actual country, iraq is a territory where people has been living for a long time in somekind of chaos, no power can set it to order. americans just made the people angry. actually not many people respect america in general. you can’t get any respect with bombs, that’s the problem. it’s gonna be funny to see how big country judges some oldman while the soldiers of the country keep dying just for this tv show.

Well, Saddam is obviously not “just an old man” but a tyrant responsible for a few million dead: starting the Iran-Iraq war, gassing the Kurds near Halabja, invading Kuwait and then there’s the daily terror at home with abductions, executions and torture.

First thing the Iraqis will need to do is create a viable judiciary system were a fair trial is possible. Although Saddam will no doubt hang for his crimes.

By the way, I oppose the war in Iraq, but am not blind to the benefits to Iraqi people in removing Saddam. ;)

I think he looked a bit like Karl Marx in that US Army video. :)

saddam isn’t tyrant, he had power because iraqis people let it, i doubt he killed millions with own hands. if you think the way he govern is wrong it’s headache of the iraqs people, ain’t yours one, and you can’t just come, kill saddam, and become the liberator. and there is no war yet…

I’m totatly with you when you say that bombs doesn’t make any good, but to say that Hussein wasn’t a tyrant is probably a very hard slap in the face for most iraqi people. Saddam Hussein didn’t have power because the Iraqi people let him have it, if you say this you probably dont know a jack shit about Iraq. Iraq wasn’t a democracy and didn’t have any place for any kind of glasnost, the regime was driven by an iron hand and eveyone that tried to bid defiance to it was brought down without mercy. Whatever one thinks about the presence of Americans and Britons in Iraq there is no question about that the defeat of Saddam Hussain is good news for Iraq.

Here in sweden alot of excile Irakies went out on the streets and blew the car horns. Celibrating…Many of them where probably kurds.

sorry guys if i explained my position bad, my personal convictions related to subject:

  1. the man who gives orders an order to kill an innocent is probably insane.

  2. the man who carries out such orders is the murderer.

  3. presumption of innocence.

  4. CNN and truth ain’t equal.

  5. the root of the wars is in the illiteracy.

  6. american democracy isn’t the best ever created thing which should be all over the world.

  7. nothing is simple as it seems.

Yep, I noticed… I got between two cars with my bike at a stop light. God they were happy!!.. and nosiy! :)

He had power because he took it, killing off any competiton and insuring “loyalty” by threat.

If you say that someone is only a murderer when they actually do the killing himself, you have a skewed sense of responsibility.

One would only have to establish a chain of command and any order to kill would trickle down leaving you without blame? Luckily the world doesn’t work that way! :huh:

The first thing Saddam did after becoming president of Iraq (1979) was to, on his orders, immediately kill 20 of his political rivals…
the year after, 1980, he goes to war on Iran.

A million people lose their lives in the war which lasted for 8 years.

in 1988, when the Kurds put pressure on Bagdad from the north, Saddam gives orders to gass, and 50-100.000 people die. His own citizens. In a small town called Halabja all 5000 of the inhabitants are gassed to death.

To mention just a few of the things he did to his own and other people.

Saying that the Iraqi people chose their president, is stupid. Everyone knows that the only person the iraqi people could elect, was Saddam Hussein. Those who didn’t vote, got killed.

Still, they tried to convince people that they were a democratic country. I mean… People could vote right?


what Zed meant is that he was responsible for the death of thousands people, but he is not their material killer, so he had to have some support by other people.

this, though being right, does not make him something different from a tyrant, anyway.

we want offtopic back :drummer:

of course, i’m the only one ain’t perfect in the world, sorry.

Iraq never been an actual country, it’s a territory controlled by few groups of religious fanatics and all those who got weapon. there will never be peaceful. maybe that sounds weird, but saddam was the only power who kept some stability, maybe he did it with total violence, but usa ain’t world judge.

“of course, i’m the only one ain’t perfect in the world, sorry.”

Well, you quoted me wrong there, in deleting the “if” part of that remark.

“maybe that sounds weird, but saddam was the only power who kept some stability, maybe he did it with total violence, but usa ain’t world judge.”

You definitely have a point there. It is a bit of a paradox that a strong, even tyrannical hand brings stability to a country. But it’s stability with a high price, knee-deep in blood.

Here in Europe for example, not too long ago, it was general Tito in Yugoslavia who kept things together. Tito introduced a more enlightened from of communism, and it kept the country together until things fell apart in the nineties.

And the US is indeed not the worlds judge. It is even pretty hypocritical, considering the fact that it was with United States (and many other Western nations) consent that Hussein got to power in the first place.

Ah well. He’s caught. Doing something good for all the wrong reasons is still doing good. Too bad the US is so selective on what dictatorships to clean up… <_<

now let´s get bush!

Saddam Hussein is now out and it’s a good thing. BUT :

  • Can we accept that all TV and papers hurt Human Rights as medias do when they show film of a war prisonner (Saddam Hussein) ?

  • Can we accept that 1,000,000 Iraqi people (600,000 children) were killed by the coalition since 1991 because of the embargo ? (but it was profitable for us, thanks the program “Oil against food”). There’s no statistic about the number of killed people (most innocent) by our bombs.

  • Can we accept to make war permanently against the biblic devil (named for occassion : the terrorists) ?

Now, I really think Saddam Hussein must be put in jail but i really think that it is NOT a victory of the Freedom & Democratie.
No, actually, it’s another victory of war & fascism leaded by a man who was not democraticly elected (G.W.Bush) and a group of people who have a lot of financial businness to make war. (throw an eye about jobs of every people in Bush’s administration and which private company have sent to Iraq ;). Moreover, Saddam Hussein was a good friend of the USA and EU (the last ones sell to Saddam chimical & bacteriological weapons to attack Iran - unfortunally for the strong friendship between Saddam Hussein and Occidental countries -, he used the bombs against kurd).

In my opinion, peace and love isn’t fashioned. That’s all ! It’s the time of war & free market of destroying opposent economy. All people agree !
Occident has now start another crusade. We (i say “WE” because, logically, in democraty, WE are all responsible for the acts of our politics), We will kill a lot of innocent people again and again. We are (with help of USA) the best military force of the world (more than 75%) and i think no one can stop us to lead the world and slave (politicly and economicly) the other countries. We are fully blind by our power…
As conclusion, in Iraq (like it’s made in Afghanistan), there’s no interrest for Bush to installed a democratie because it’s better to have a corrupt gouvernment to make businns. That’s all ! With a democratie, the oil in Iraq will become too defended.

My opinion ;)

Chirac shoudn’t be the president of France since Massive Destuction weapons tests in Mururoa in 1995.
Tony Blair shoudn’t be the prime minister of UK since he lies to the Nation.
G.W.Bush shoudn’t be the president of the USA since… too long to enumerate ;) [but the will of polluate until the death of the earth seems to be a first reason…]
Asnar shoudn’t be prime minister of Spain for the dirty story of the “Prestige” oil tanker.

I’ll never fight against someone to save the head of these bad guys. Never.
But, it’s right, i’m not a fanatic religious guy, i’m not afraid by the “Judgement’s Day”, “God” and “The Terror”. It makes all the difference.

P.S : my english is bad. (i think ;)

Press (3) :)

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I’ll quote Homer Simpson on this and say “its funny because it’s true”

Nice one martin


I’m really happy about what’s happened to Saddam, but I have a very pessimistic point of view about world… One crazy man in the world is enough to start a war, so peace will never be possible… NEVER!! Violence is in human race’s nature… There haven’t been no centuries without wars. Many of us were born to fight eachother, the only one thing we could do is try to keep the number of crazy men as low as possible.