Saine - Daze

Ladies, gents, new little springtime jam here…

Guess this one’s a little more analogue than usual for me, since almost everything is from outboard gear. Wrapped up and produced in Renoise though. The MS-20 mini is sequenced by Renoise via Midi and there’s some rhodes+synth improvising on top.

Hope you fellas dig! For those interested, this one’s available on vinyl via Shadeleaf Music.

Btw, I’ve been getting into film photography recently: the photo is a multiple exposure shot taken on film - with and old tcheckoslovakian 6€ flea market camera from the 1950’s. :slight_smile: (bigger res:

good vibes! i remember i really enjoyed your lifelike stuff!

let the force be with you

Now that’s some sexy shit right there, sir!

Smooooooooooth :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, really glad to hear you like it

Definitely enjoyed this a lot. Great work :smiley:

not what i usually expect from you but sounds great!

Jeez! I found a lot of interesting things for myself, I really like your music! With specific regard to this track - it’s a great job :walkman: