Saine / Imagine This (album Released)

Greetings all, I’m glad to announce that my debut album is finally released. The main sources of inspiration are 70’s jazz records, all fresh electronica in general and hiphop for a brief description of what sort of thing you can expect, but I suggest you’ll check the clips yourself to see if it hits the spot or not. :wink: Couldn’t have done it without good ol’ Renoise…!

order:, (more to follow…)

And of course: massive congratulations to everyone in the Renoise team+community for making 1.8 happen, no second guessing which software I’ll use for the second album. :slight_smile:

the saine ? dude ? is it you ?

Yet again a kick in the balls for those who say “You can’t make professional stuff with trackers.”

Sounds really good.

Ensivian thank you. :slight_smile: Looza, yup it’s me! How are you man, loong time huh… Gonna add you to my MySpace friends heheh

(edit: ah, see you already did… playing the tunes atm goodstuff :slight_smile:

Ayayay!.. Sounds really, really nice. I like it! keep up the good work!

Fantastic Xperience, Saine! It sounds really good, very relaxed, very Xperimental and very professional.
Renoise strikes back. Finally! Finland rocks! :eek:


Thanks a lot for the encouraging feedback, fellow renoisers. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

(EDIT: an option to purchase the album as mp3-download is now also available, check, and others if you prefer mp3)