Saine - Lifelike

I just self-released a new album called Lifelike - everything’s done in Renoise + plugins/processing of course. You’ll find this one on Bandcamp:


Phew, turned out it was quite a lot of work hehe… Feel free to post any comments or questions whatsoever, will be more than happy to chat about this music with you guys.

Also if you think the tunes are good - I would VERY much appreciate if you shared the Bandcamp-link around or just like me on Facebook or whatever… I’m self-releasing this one so it’s very easy to get lost in between all the good releases appearing nowadays. To be honest I’m probably going to need a hand to get this release noticed, let alone get anyone to buy it… :)

Good stuff, bopping my head to the first track, funky laid back disco groovyness. Will make an effort to listen to the rest of the album :) …On track 3 now :walkman:

Nice one! Keep going :D

To say it poetically in one line: The whole album is really nicely jazzy and groovy, but it is track 9 that really moves me ;)

Cool, cool… I was wondering about the reaction that track would get from people. Seems to divide opinions the most so far - interesting!!


Although a bit shocked at just how low the amount of sold albums has been (countable with one hands fingers - literally) but well, it was never about that of course and I’m sooo very happy to see an album review just dropped in:

Six Axle

Can’t complain… And hey thanks for the kind words so far, time to crack open another cold one and put on some Miles.

Well, gonna put your 9th tune as easy sunday song tomorrow on my facebook, perhaps a few others will also refresh their boring face-book activities with your fresh stuff.

Hehe appreciated ;)

Nice work on this! I like it very much - great relaxing sound…Thanks :)

Thanks man :drummer:

Nice tunes. The production is very warm.

Amazing stuff… as always)

Got one more review at which nearly made me blush haha. Well it’s good to know there’s people out there connecting with the music, so yeah, big thanks for the nice comments folks.

The album is available for FREE DOWNLOAD - only today and up to 200 downloads.

Merry christmas… :)

Nice gesture Saine, still considered i owed you a beer, so i “bought” you one anyway ;)
Guys, don’t be such Christmas freeloader and buy him at least a beer if you take his offer!

Really great sound, man! Wonderfully hypnotic stuff. Definitely going to toss a few bucks your way when I get the chance.

Thanks guys!