Saine: Long Time No See


A new album by yours truly is out today :) It’s titled Long Time No See, containing 8 Renoise-made instrumentals created during 2009-2010, released digitally and as a limited vinyl edition on Helsinki-based Cymbidium Records. Kind of a personal album, with a lot of mixed emotions in between. On this one I’m again aiming to perfect my take on blurring the imaginary line between sampled and “traditionally recorded” 'til infinity… :D I have also wanted to get rid of some of my perfectionism and let the sounds come as they are, so I’m hoping the result feels natural and non-forced thanks to that. Ah well I hope you guys like this one.

Some larger shops (iTunes, junodownload) haven’t activated the release yet but you can already find the digital version (mastered by Fabien Schivre) here:
Equal Dreams

And the vinyl version from Cymbidium Records’ shop at
(Postages included in prices. Will take a while 'til the vinyls reach any other shops)

Would be extremely fun to hear any feedback you may have, good or bad. :) And of course if you have anything to ask, shoot! Anyway, here’s the Soundcloud for the complete album:

:) i wish you great sales!!! love you music d-_-b

Swee-hee-heet! It’s like x-mas is early this year. :lol:
If it’s anything like your last album I’m so buying a digital copy of this one as well.

I’ll have a listen and then I’ll let you know the verdict. ;)

Great chill out stuff, you can really dream off when listening to this. Nice laid back vibe, no forced sounds (so) it’s a bit like floating down a stream, seeing all kinds of random things pass you by but nothing out of place…well it does have some surprises though :D

12" is on the way. I’ll give some feedback later.

Ok, bought a “copy” of the album. :) Hopefully it’ll give you some energy to keep up the good work.

After a quick listen (random bits here and there) it sounds a bit Khonnor:ish. Pretty goddamn awesome stuff!

Woo thanks for these overwhelming words guys!

The album is now also at iTunes

I appreciate the warm feedback, means a lot… :) I’ve done my best to move the sound forwards to new places, there is always a risk of trying something that just doesn’t work, but I’m happy I took the risk and eventually I think it did manage to capture my mood(swing)s the past couple of years quite good.

So thanks :D

Vinyl arrived yesterday and so far I like every track on it. Really nice atmospheres and textures for my taste, just how I assumed from previous record. :)

I like when someone can make track with positive feeling without being cheesy, especially April, Jetpack, Shaker and Food chain, good morning starters and tracks to play at happening. Then Forgotten notes, After what seemed like forever and There’s always tomorrow are not so “easy” tracks but offer much more feelings, almost had tear coming from eye, beautiful stuff. Nothing bad about Crickets, it just seemed kind of transfer track from Forgotten notes to April.

If something negative, I like how some recent purchases (bonobo, jaga jazzist) had code with vinyl to get digital copy of the album for free.

All in all: Good album, I recommend.

Nice, lovely feedback…!

I agree about the download code thing - and sent you a private msg ;)

hey, that’s cool! good artists as well.

this is a very nice album!

Bumping this thread to mention that my new vinyl is now also available for ordering through Juno Records

A special thanks for all the support so far guys - and the Renoise crew for doing that lovely front page interview


O wow great album :) I realy like “Crickets” :)

amazing stuff !
bigups from Makunouchi Bento.

Very happy to hear you like this…!

Hey I thought I should ask here… Do you guys know any good places/sites I could ask for some aid regarding album visibility? A review would surely help getting this thing out there…

It’s very easy to get lost in between all these great releases appearing and it seems I have far too little knowledge on nice music related websites, blogs etc. Any tips are appreciated!