Hi, I’m working on a little coding project, based off of this game:

I was just going to post it as a status update, but a thread is probably more convenient. Plus I can add to this as I update.

What is it? A sort of physics simulator. Pixels behave as particles that interact with one another based on various rule sets. For example, fire has a random chance of turning an adjacent pixel into more fire, sand falls downward, etc. It’s somewhat based off of cellular automata.

My hope is to eventually make it so that rule sets can be defined by users to breath a little more life into the original version.

NOTE: fyi I forgot to mention in the readme that pressing ‘q’ terminates the program.

I’ve spent hours on dan-ball’s powder game (and checking back for updates for months).

User-defined rules seems like a neat idea.

If there’s one feature I’d like to see above all else, it’s being able to upscale the window (in whole number multipliers of course).

It’s addicting isn’t it :smiley:

Re-sizing the window is definitely something that I plan on implementing soon. But first I need to cover the basics :stuck_out_tongue: