Same drumkit instrument on several tracks

I have a problem:
open an instrument, drum kit: SM-909 GMkit.xrni
record drum kick on track1
snare on track2
hh on track3
oh on track 4
but if all the sound happens in the same time you can hear only the last or last two sounds (oh and hh)
if you instead record the same sequence but only in one track, all is ok. see attach
whats wrong?

And yep, it is very annoying…

It can work just on one track so you have to do all mixing inside the instrument for now. Redux will have multi-outputs probably.

This happens also with vst!!!

But maybe one need more track for different effect and volume…

Actually, what happens with VSTi is different. While it is true that they can only output to one track, at least the notes that are put on other tracks are automatically routed to the output track. In the sampler, however, as you described, the notes are just ignored. It also seems quite unpredictable which notes from which track are ignored. It is very confusing and mainly inconsistent.

I know, I am missing this possibility as well, and so do several others. Right now I suggest to create one instrument per drum (e.g. kick, snare, etc.). I understand, however, that this is not a long-term solution, as you lose the possibility to actually play the whole instrument (and isn’t this what instruments are made for in the first place?).