same midi mapping for different sections in Pattern sequence matrix?

Hey guys!

Just wandering: Is it possible to use same midi mapping settings for different sections in Pattern sequence matrix?

I mean, I want to have mute toggles assigned for each channel to a separate pad/key, but instead of muting the whole channel I want it to mute only a pattern in a running section in a pattern sequence matrix. and when i go to another section same key/pad would mute a pattern in that same channel.

I hope, I expressed myself clear :confused:

Any suggestions?

The MIDI mapping in Renoise provides one-to-one mappings, where each mapping correspond to a specific position.

But it sounds like you’re looking for “dynamic mappings” - check out Duplexfor this purpose, it’s got the matrix covered (and many other things).

Depending on which controller you are using, you might be lucky and have a ready-to-use configuration? Otherwise, fire me a PM…