sample banks?

hello peeps.

just realized that i can load various samples into one instrument and fill it like a sample bank.

but how can you navigate through these samples, preferebly in a live situation? i didn’t find any knobs for that and theres nothing in the manual about it either. or is there?

anyway any help rewarded with shameless envy.

tonschabe, die gute alte

Not sure what you mean, but I’ll try anyway:

  • Click on “Instr. Envelopes”
  • Select a sample in the little sample listing right under
    the instrument list in the upper left.
  • Click a key on the keyboard graphic.


  • Click on “Instr. Envelopes”
  • Select an Instrument with a bunch of samples in it
  • Click on “Generate DrumKitMap”

is this what you meant ?


well thanks cylab.

i see i can use the graphic keyboard to assign certain notes to specific samples of an instrument.

but my aim was this: how can i change the playback of an instrument so that i can change the sample that it uses during playback? like playin one pattern with sample one and then swapping over to the second one?



As far as I know its not possible.