Sample-based instruments output to track?

With VST instuments, you have the option of routing the signal to a specific track. Is there a similar option for sample-based instruments? I have found it helpful in many situations, but I don’t understand the rationale of why it’s only available for plugins.

My current task is to do some mixing/mastering work on old FT2 tracks, so I want to make tracks so I can apply FX to “bass”, “piano”, etc. I don’t need to change anything in patterns. Currently tracks are shared between instruments, so i can’t assume track13 is “Bass” etc without a lot of error-prone manual copy/pasting. Many “instruments” like bass are split between many samples for different attack/articulation/whatever.

If these were plugin based I would just output to track and then apply my FX chains.

Maybe my best bet is to fire up a plugin sampler like machfive? I hate to do that and lose my envelopes.

This is beeing discussed in this thread …

Bottom line is …renoise never had the ability to output 'renoise instruments’to specified tracks …no matter which track you inserted an instrument , it also functioned as an audio bus/track …so we can spread the same instrument across multiple tracks …

You can still work with this way UNLESS you have instrument/effects tied …there is no possibility to choose an output , the output = the track where you put your note data and there can only be one …multiple tracks results in cutting of the audiostream etc…
Useless for creating rhytms ( with effects tied in instruments )