Sample-battle (#1)

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xrns file sharing should be in the rules period.I have already started lets hope others are going to participate this is good practice.

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  • you mean the winner’s xrns or everyone’s xrns? :smiley:
  • or regarding sharing the project within xrns?

i will join you tonight, i picked random break and sample tho, just as initiative!
i hope people will join us too!
, yes, it’s a very good practice :slight_smile:

I do not fully understand the rules.

  • You can draw any kind of single cycle waveforms and amounts of it?
  • Should it be only a beat, or a full song? What do you mean by “beat max 2 min.”?
  • Can I make synthetic drums using single cycle and Renoise instrument capabilities?
  • What about sharing the xrns?
  • Can I use external tools to process the sample?

1: any type of sound mangling with included samples is allowed (no drawing i guess is better solution)


  • as it is sample-based beat battle / 2 minutes is more than enough i think from representative perspective for a typical “showoff”
  • i mean, song is okay too, if you record vocals, that’s totally cool
  1. of course you can, that’s the point, to make whatever you wish with provided material
  2. is this not understandable?
  1. External tools in terms of fx plugins? -or? another daw? for mixing? for sound generating?
  • if it’s for mixing purposes, mixing stems into reaper/whichever daw really, that’s totally cool, too!

Can I use Renoise tools, e.g. single cycle generators?

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well i basically responded yes and no XD

first rule was no sound generating allowed, buuut drawing is ok? ok i made a mistake obviously!
~if that includes renoise native tools, i think it’s ok, what do you think?

Dunno, it’s your compo. I would allow it.

everyone’s xrns to see if they follow the rules and for educational purposes.I think the 2 minute rule is not necessary too

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I am not allowed to use VST(instruments).

Am I allowed to use freeware VST effects?
Am I allowed to use commercial VST effects?
Am I allowed to use freeware VST synths?
Is it OK to mix into another DAW (Renoise) and use VSTs there?


The sample pack consists of

[1] breakbeat
[2] a whole song (blues or whatever it is)

I can’t call this a competition with the provided material, or you’d want one breakbeat to be used.

Also (I) consider it not good practice to organize a remix compettion based on some blues song by another artist.

If you’d provide a serious sample pack, you would provide a set of (say 20) instruments and drum sounds to use, best to have a cleared status from the original sample holder for people to use in a competition.

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The test is that what we can make out of the provided samples.This is not a remix contest.

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Why you ask questions which are described in my initial post? That is plain (sorry) stupid

I am not allowed to use VST(instruments).

  • you figured it out, how cool?

Am I allowed to use freeware VST effects?

  • it’s not about freeware or commercial, who even mentioned that one? i even described that you can use vst effects, but not instruments, but let me write once again…

Am I allowed to use commercial VST effects?

look up

Am I allowed to use freeware VST synths?

look up

Is it OK to mix into another DAW (Renoise) and use VSTs there?

again look up in my initial post

  • extract every tiny element, after you can layer drums eq-ed, with different envlopes, layer some one shot cycles from sample (within kick/bass, or whatever), you got new break that doesn’t even come close to the original one.
  • this is not remix competition at all, it’s just sample-based competition alike for fun and creativity. I will create some examples for you to understand better my vision.
  • serious sample pack? You could make “serious” synths and drums from this (not even sounding close to the provided samples) if you wanted to.
    Why should i provide you something that you can make out of this?

this is not about chopping 4 bar loop ~ mpc style (since you presented it that way).
rather than using small segments to create your own instruments within the material provided.

i’m done with this forum for the third time, it’s really devastating to write stuff for 5 times in same post and someone pops up and asks that again… - not even trying to read carefully.

-yes this topic can include some more feature requests, thank you

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…Or is it maybe that you are too impatient with the people or quickly feel insulted by perceived critics? Not everybody will like it, isn’t that just normal? I liked your compo idea, though I didn’t find your initial post too clearly understandable. Since I was interested in joining, I asked :stuck_out_tongue: I also like to mangle that blues sample.

My question regarding single cycle rules was meant to have more clear rules. Some people do their whole songs only with single cycle samples, and you can “misuse” Renoise instrument section as a basic synth. If the rules are more restrictive, maybe it would be actually more fun? Like:

  • Single cycle waveforms are not allowed
  • Only Renoise native dsp is allowed
  • No processing of the samples using VSTs or external tools is allowed
  • Provide the .xrns file and write a short description what you did
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yeeeeeaaaahhh compos! I love that you just went ahead and made one.

awesome idea, too, to have the winner pick the samples for the next.

edit: I kinda like ffx’s suggestion, because it’s kinda what I do anyway ^^

  • single cycle waveforms are allowed since you can extract (countless) from the provided samples… (as long as it’s from provided samples)
  • i explained few times audio effects are fine and ok to use(as vst, ladspa, au, native, whatever - as long as it’s not VSTI(nstrument))
  • last part of post is specially for the part you stated : to provide xrns and elaborate about workflow… (is this like 4th time writing same stuff over and over again? :D)
  • and how can i be patient, writing over and over again 4th time same stuff? :smiley:
  • i don’t expect everyone to like my idea, i even asked what would you guys change… so we can all participate “in peace”.
    Everyone can make his own competitive idea and propose it, it’s not a big deal…
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oh, single cycle meaning “not looped”? I thought that was referring to “weird” audio-generating tricks with super short loops.

yeah, as long as it’s from the samples, and not externally processed, I’d prefer to also have one-shot samples.

but how can we share the .xrns if we use VST?

just render samples if possible, and try to use as many as native devices… or freeware ones… tdr free, airwindows all plugins are free and multiplatform etc…

I would change the sample pak just Blues is not so my taste BUT its your compo. :hugs:

Can I use LofiMat?


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