Sample Browser

It would be helpful if the drive names were displayed in the sample browser and also if the window for this was resizeable (or detachable).
Working with large directories for percussion samples etc is difficult.

the drive letters are on the left of the panel (look at the “A” in the above image, which stands for the floppy disk unit in Windows).

the window is already resizable: drag the line which divides the directory and file lists.

read on the disk browser help for more tricks, such as the view expansion:

The drive letters are there but not the names - I have 7 internal hard drives usually partitioned into 2 or 3 for stuff like VSTs, Drum samples, vox, song data etc. The drive letters also change for removable storage or depending which OS I’m working on at the time.
I didn’t spot the ‘more’ button for the disk browser but that certainly solves many problems for me.

I’ve printed the manual out (all 178 pages of it!) so I can read it away from my PC where I’m likely to read it properly.

The scripting for 2.6 looks like it could elevate Renoise from ‘head of state’ to ‘supreme being’! Outstanding!

Of course, I’m not much of a programming geek…